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New Year New Mews

It’s eerily quiet throughout the restaurant but somewhat refreshing (and I finally got to appreciate how awesome our new chairs look, its worth coming to visit us even if it’s only to sit on our new furniture….honest!). Walking into our charming and rustic courtyard it’s the first time I’ve had to appreciate it since the rush of Christmas and all the new years escapades, is scarily daunting but calming and refreshing all at the same time and its giving me food for thought for the year ahead and what exciting times we have to come.


Just as we are glad to slow down and take a breath its time for us to get back on the horse and get back to doing what we do best delivering exceptional food, moreish drinks and an experience that can only be got here at “The Mews”. So, since this is our year we have decided that this is the year that; we shall you say… spice it up a little, by giving away some our very secretive secrets from the man himself “chef” to point you in the right direction when it comes to creating beautiful dishes in your very own kitchen plus loads of other great genius tips, hints and insider info on how we do it here in The Mews.

So the New Year is here and we have not only been busy in the kitchen but WE have made a few New Year PROMISES ourselves (resolutions are really only for people who go to the gym in the first 2 weeks of January, we are not about any of that…eat, drink and be merry is more our kind of thing) – to be delivering the best food in town and letting you have a damn good time while we do it. We always like to please the very special people in our lives (that’s you guys) so it’s a given that with every piece of perfectly placed mesclun on our rustic salad or every shrimp we arrange on our wonderful Grilled Tiger Prawn dish as if it was the next Mona Lisa to be hung in the Louvre we have you at the forefront of our food and with this in mind you know its going to great!



With new menus and amazing new eating experiences on the horizon, we hope that you will join us in our journey to the year of “The Mews”. Take some time out, come and relax on our new furniture (did I mention we got new chairs???) and most importantly enjoy our great food and everything else we have to offer.

Love from The Mews x

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