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Valentines Day at The Mews

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Yay……Congratulations you made it through January (just about)! No sooner is the long, dreaded month of January and the anti climax from the holidays over, that we get to step into another holiday month and fixate on something else like Valentines Day….the most loving day of the year!


While you guys were tucking into your perfectly roasted ham and your creamy sweet potato pies at Christmas we were behind the scenes putting together a masterful menu for you to use to woe your other half or simply just to score some well needed brownie points, lets face it everyone could do with a few extra brownie points here and there. This year we have put our very own classic stamp on the holiday, bringing you a menu that will leave you feeling hungry for more and one that is sure to put a smile as big as 2nd street on your others half face!

Even though the date stays the same every year, most of us scramble to organize and plan for this, the most romantic day of the year so we have put together some insider tips to help you on your way…..

1. Shower your other half with Flowers

Flowers are a must. Arrange to have the flowers delivered to their office, or have a bouquet waiting by the front door before they leave for the day. While you’ll definitely want to have a date night planned on top of the colorful bouquet, the flowers will regularly remind her you care for her throughout the day—and for many days and weeks in the future, earning multiple brownie points – the most important factor.

Flower: choose an orchid, these exotic flowers look great and last for months, even though they can be a little more expensive than roses or other bouquets.

2. No Reservations? Yes Reservations!

For all you procrastinators who wait until the last minute to make bookings on the most romantic night of the year, act now and make a booking today! Ask for a romantic table in a secluded area of the restaurant (these sell out fast), hey presto the most important factor of Valentine’s Day is taken care of.

3. Look Your Best

Your other half is un-doubly going to be looking amazing just for you, and you should too. When you look good, you feel good this in return will make your “one” fall for you just that little bit more

4. Treat Her Like a Star

Don’t tell her to meet you at the restaurant (big no no!), pick her up, open doors for her treat her like a princess, show her how much you care and don’t forget to treat her to bubbles —these are the kind of things she will remember (along with the flowers = more brownie points) and can gain you substantial romantic mileage in years to come.

Top tip: Leave your phone at home, dedicate all your attention to her and don’t have any distractions.

5. Don’t Forget the Card and Chocolates

Women are suckers for cards and chocolates, in reality that is the way to our hearts – yes it’s really that simple! To top off the lovely evening you have planned – DON’T FORGET THE CARD AND CHOCOLATES – Voila…the perfect Valentine’s, a bucket load of brownie points and a happy couple!


We have a number of cupids on standby ready to take your reservation and make this Valentine’s a memorable one so call +1 (236) 432 1122 to book your table.


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